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Dear Friend,   Financial Planners as the tag suggest is one of the most practical case study kind of job. You may have a good academic qualifications which would be a good, but you have to have solid understanding of the investment avenues and good relationship with clients.   Good Academics is just one thing in a bouquet of things which should have to became successful in career.   Financial Planner should have following things apart from academics to help them in Long Run   Regular updates: A financial planner should have all the updates of

Dear Friend,Greetings of the day!!!!Financial Planner is one who manages and Provide Advice for his/her clients for the financial investment based on the clients needs.The Work and Responsibilities of financial planners are as followsPlanning : A Financial Planner is expected to plan for finances of his/her clients based on the needs in future, moreover there are lot of different avenues which a financial planner should explore to provide best for returns to his/her clients and also should ensure minimum tax- liabilityUpdating : A Sound financial Planner should also ensure that he know what cl

A financial advisor needs to possess excellent understanding of stock market performances, insurance sector, banking and other related fields. As a financial advisor, you can either work with a company or become a private consultant. In either case, a bachelor’s degree in any finance field and relevant certification is mandatory. You’ve thought about what you want to freelance in, you’ve got a couple of useful email addresses and you’ve even bought yourself some sweatpants that will look great with your slippers. So you’re ready to dump that job and get cracking o

Hi,Greetings of the day!!!Let me introduce myself, i am a finance professional turned enterprenuer i have done my Bcom, MBA, CMA, FRM and worked in financial market for 3+ years.Financial Plannings as the same suggest is a planning of finances based on goal setting done by an individual.Over the last few years with the introduction of new products and companies in financial arena there has been increase complexity in understanding various products of financial markets. Financial Planning in now widely regarded as a rewarding career and have a very prospective future.If you start your career as

Hello..As I am working as an financial analyst  in my company I can explain all the myths associated with financial planning better. There are several myths associated with financial planning, some of them are as mentioned below:Financial planning will lead to increase sales: A financial planner is a person who is based on fee only not  related in nay manner in sales of any products of company. They only advise you how to increase sales keeping in mind your priority and best  interest first.People think financial plan as too costly, they cannot afford a financial planner as it w

Hello..Yes, of course  Academic record matters a lot while looking for a job of financial planners.All companies while hiring will definitely ask for some minimum criteria's of academics to be full filled before applying which is standard for any job or recruitment process.I am working as an financial analyst in a private company and I found it really helpful having a good financial background in the same as my base is very clear and I am more sound in my idea about what I do my day today work. It really counts if you have good background or academics in the work what you are going to do

Hello..I am working as an financial analyst in a private company and I have some idea about the roles and responsibilities and eligibility of an financial planning professor. If you think of teaching field first important thing is you should be patient enough to handle the students of different mind sets. Some will be silent some aggressive you have to go down to their level to make them understand every point and treat each student specially than you will definitely mark your presence as professor in teaching field.To be a professor in financial planning it is very important for any one to kn

Hello...Now a days having a good aptitude is a minimum criteria for all areas may it be private or public sector job, entrance exams, admisiions etc. for your son having a good aptitude is much more important as scoring 50% in tenth standard is not at all good as per current competition in outer world. whever you go there will be huge queues for admissions, jobs etc to show your presence the only thing is you need to improve your skill sets.You need to spare some time and guide him in his studies, as per my idea no student is weak only two things are there either a student needs talent or hard

Hello..Financial Planning is about taking a introspection view on financial situation of the company and laying out a strategic plan for the company. The person doing the same is known as financial planner.A Financial Planner is a person who helps you to create a lay out map for the financial future of the company.All plans laid are in accordance of the need and objective of the company. He advise client on how best they can save, invest and grow their moneyThe Financial advisor is a person who is mainly concerned about the investment decisions of the company which is small part of financial p

Hello...I do not think academic record matter while looking for a job in statistician profile. The minimum academic required for the statisticician profile is graduation with any specilisation. If you are good in your work of statistician and if you are having good experience in that field than the academics does not matter at all.If you have experience of five to ten years a great scope and opportunities are there in market for you.You can negotiate for a good package if you are master in your work and having command over your idea and knowledge with full confidence.All below mention can

A Financial planner is a person who is responsible for the proper management of the funds, finance of an organisation.The necessary skills or key areas to improve are as follows:Planning and strategy implementation: Here you need to do planning and strategy formulation for the company financial requirements and fund utilization.Investments: You need to know about the investment trends and options, to better invest the money and make sure the money invested will be profitable and will be generating  funds for company.Inflow and Outflow planning: Better planning of inflow and outflow o

Yes It is very important for a Financial planner to be good in inter personal skills. The primary reasons for the failure of financial plan are failed inter personal communication skill.  If you are not good in inter personal skill you will fail to understand clients motivations and emotions which will leads to failure of your plan.If the planner has not invested enough time in collaborations and understanding clients views and emotions, which will make it certain to create a emotional blocks that prevent change in clients behavior. In other words the plan was technically correc

Now a days communication skill is a very important part to measure a person's personality and confidence level. If you want to work as a financial planner in top companies than it is important to focus and improve your communication skills.As the first impression is always the last impression, if in your first meeting itself you are not communicating properly, fumbling and stammering than it will definitely create a bad impression and will reduce your chance of selection. It will reflect you level of confidence also so its important in every aspect.Further to this you need to clear group discu

Though financial planners are confined to office spaces and cubicles, is not that boring because the work what they do demands hard work and mental storming which left them with no space for boredom.The work demands full involvement and no time to think about entertainment and other things. But true it seems boring sitting in same place inside a cubicle all the time but if enjoy your work nothing can be bring where ever you sit and work. may it be cubicle or travelling day and night, it all about choices and areas and focus of interest. If you really want to be a financial planner than yo

The books that every Financial Planners must Read are as mentioned below:Value based Financial Planning- Bill BachrachThe only financial Planning book you will ever need- Amar panditIneffective habits of financial advisors- Steeve MooreTested in the Trenches- Ron Carson, steve SanduskiNetworking with the affluent- Dr. Thomas J. stanleyThe art of selling to the affluent- Matt OechsliThe Supernova advisor - Rob KnappQuestions great financial advisor ask  and Investors need to know - Alan Parisse and davidThe million Dollar financial services practice ( A proven system of becoming a top prod

Financial Planner is a person responsible for the proper management of the finance an organization.The key areas are as below:- Making plans and strategy for the utilization of money in coming months and  years.-Projecting the Profit and loss of the company in financial plans and projections-Making sure the money is invested will be profitable and will be generating more funds-Generating reports after analyzing all the aspects affecting the funds inflow, outflow and rotations.-Reducing the outflow and minimizing the operational cost of the company.-Based on the analysis making future stra

Dear Student,To make a career in finance you can opt for following courses apart from MBA & CAB.Com- M.Com- CFABachelor (Hons)- Maths, Statistics, Economics- MSc Maths, Statistics, Operational ResearchActuarial Science  BA Business Economics- Master in Business EconomicsActuarial Science Actuarial science involves application of mathematical and statistical to assess risk in the insurance and finance industry. The actuary designs insurance and pension plans, decide upon the premium rates, create new and attractive policies to further organization's business. CAREER PATH Passing 12th o

with liberalization being the mantra for economic growth and development , demand for well trained specialist in the area of financial planning is on the rise. a career in financial planning can be pursued in a wide variety of fields including financial planning. perks are excellent and career growth is certain for those with right skills and aptitude. financial planners helps people make advance provisions for financial needs that may arise in future. it requires answering questions and educating clients regarding risk factors to help them to invest their money wisely. a good financial planne

Managing money is a tricky business, managing other people' money  is not just tricky its also challenging and difficult. Considering most people need guidance on where to invest , how to save taxes, the best insurance scheme, which fund to invest in, which stock to hold , which one to sell , how to plan children education and their own retirement. Financial planners are most sought with a fast growing working population that earns well and needs expert handling of their finances. Financial planning helps people make advance provision for financial needs that may arise in futu