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Dear Aspirant, Do you wish to become Financial Expert or Financial Planner? I got this doubt since you have posted your question in Financial Planners. If you are thinking of being a Financial Expert, then courses like CA, CWA, CFA, MBA Finance are required. If you are thinking of being a Financial Planner, then course of CFP recognised from FPSB India is required to be a Certified Financial Planner. Expertise is an aspect which cannot come just with qualification, but also with experience, practice, awareness and building of skills over time. Best wishes!

Dear Aspirant, CFP is a very good career option and definitely has jobs and as well as there is good scope for private consultancy as Financial Advisor. CFPs are employed by Banks, NBFCs, Financial Institutions, Wealth Management companies, Mutual Funds, etc. Best wishes!

Dear Aspirant, Thanks for approaching us at! Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) is the only authorised body to offer the Financial Planners (CFP) certification in India. It is a self study based course and there are stages to be cleared. So there are no Institutes which offer CFP certification directly. However there are private Institutes/classes which may train you for studying CFP. To be best sure of what suits you for your career, I would suggest you to undergo an online psychometric test from CareerGuide which will help you understand yourself

Hi there, When you speak of Public sector organizations, they are mainly the service oriented organization directly related to the government sector. Finance being the backbone of any organization whether run privately or publicly. Both the organizations are answerable to investors and to the government. As far as public sector is concerned, they are directly responsible to the people as mainly the investment is through the public money. Thus a [Financial planner is the most important employee][1] in such organization. He would be the one who would have made a detailed planning as to where

Hello Nishant, Welocme to [][1]!!! Hope you are doing well. Thanks for writing to us. Financial Planner is one of the emerging great successful career in India. Financial Planning is one of the fastest growing profession in the world and with a huge demand-supply gap in India and so youngsters planning to make their career in the financial sector have a great scope. [Financial Planners are the professionals][2] who plan the funds or money of the clients which is not only a tricky business but also challenging and difficult task.Every person wants to save money and invest th

Pretty interesting question. But before I answer this question, I would like to know why exactly did this question arise in your mind??? Generally when [students think of a career][1], they are generally focused on what position, where they can work, future prospects etc. But knowing the myth about a profession is something unique you thought about. Anyways please note that every profession is surrounded by myths,because these days no one can be trusted. And this being a Financial area, obviously it is the most non-trusted area. As you might be aware that as [Financial planners][2], your m

Thank you for helping me out sir. Regards, Aakar

Budget Analyst, as the name suggest is basically someone who helps in budgeting in layman term.Any organization majorly faces an issue as to how to effectively distribute limited financial resources. A Budget Analyst plays a crucial role in terms of development, analysis and execution of budget, which are then used to allocate current resources and estimate future financial requirements.Budget Analysts have many responsibility but major tasks involves providing advise and technical assistance in preparation of annual budget. At the beginning of each budget cycle, managers submit operational fi

A financial Planner is a person who is responsible for the proper management of the finance of an company.The work values needed to be a success full financial planner are as follows:Speaking: Talking to others to convey information effectively. people will be able to understand your point only if you are speaking clearly and properly.Critical Thinking: Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weakness of alternative solutions, conclusions or say approaches to a problem. If you ability to think differently or say out of the box than only you can excel in your filed.Reading compr

Hello My Dear... Your query is very interesting and unique. I am excited to answer that. I am glad that you approached us at for seeking the right guidance and clarification at the right time. It denotes that you are very cautious and sincere in your career. I am very happy that you are already involved in the practical work of the stock market. Also I am happy that you have decided about your future course of action and for what field of career you are made up of. This is very rare in students these days and I compliment you for this. This shows that you are very sincere and

MBA- Master of business administration is all about improving  and sharpening your skills with respect to business perspective. The study helps you to shine and brush your skills and make yourself refined and polished  for business world. After the course you can view and analyse situations, things and cases better than before.For a financial planner there lies a huge scope and relevancy in doing this course.To be a better financial planner or say to do your job properly and perfectly it will really help if you study the real life scenarios and practices. In MBA most of the study is

Hello..If currently  you are working as a financial planner, than definitely you have a educational background of finance field only.then only you can work as a financial planner as it is not a easy job to do without any basic knowledge and expertise in the field. I think if you want to diversify your career you need to go in same field but not as financial planner but so many other options are there like as mentioned below:Financial AdvisorFinancial analystInvestment analystFinance managerPortfolio manager etcThese all above job title and positions are related to finance field and k

Hello Abja, Apart from having interest in juggling with numbers the candidates who wants to make a career in finance must have required qualification as well. The Candidates who have completed the graduation degree with commerce field can go for the Financial planner. If you are interested in this very much you must develop the relevant qualities like knowledge of accounts, taxes, insurance, profit loss etc.  The relevant courses will also help to boost your skills. The UGC NET exam is held for the candidates interested in lectureship or JRF. Qualifying the UGC NET will help you to get in

Hello, right now I have completed my Graduation, B'Com and I have taken admission for DTL. So I want to know if I can apply for a Job after my one year Diploma course of DTL. If so then where and when? 

Yes, you can get into it without maths too as suggested by Preeti - with respect to different courses to be studied to become financial planners.

Hello...To start with let me introduce myself, I am working as a financial analyst in a private company.I have an experience of more than three years in the same field. In my day to day working I need to do lot many things where maths plays a important role. Everyday we need to do so many calculations where maths skill is highly required, if only I am good in maths I can do it with full accuracy and fastly with ease and without getting tired.Coming to your questions, sound knowledge of mathematics is really important to become a good financial planner. In daily work requirements mathematical t

Hey Dipti,Wish you a Happy new year. Pray this year brings you a lot of pleasant surprises and happiness.Coming back to your question.I suppose, you have raised this question, because it is an International board conducting this course.But have you really been through their site and gone through their course objective.As far as the course is concerned, they are divided into Foundation and Professional level.They make you study further into Financial Accounting, taxation and budgeting and most importantly accountancy.As per the students review, this course is in par with CA, and any aspirant wh

Sharing a pictorial answer - hope it helps

Hi Friend,Greetings to you!!!Its always good to know once weakness but at the same time its important for one to overcome the weakness to make you successful in life.You have done a excellent task of being focused on your career path and i would strongly suggest you to continue on the path you have decided and worked towards so far.Finance requires acumen to analyse and interpret  with less of speaking and if does as well it would not matter since people would be interested to know the content of your speech and not the way of communication.I am also a commerce graduate with a career made

Hello Financial Planner Aspirant,I find a pleasure to hear such question and to provide information of the same . Definitely,MCG( com) is the right career destination to solve your career query. The Global Financial Crisis of 2008 impacted people the world over in different ways- some lost their jobs while some lost their homes.Certified Financial Planner (CFP) have a very lucrative career and there has been an increasing demand and good career opportunities for the people who are aspiring to get into this avenue of career. CFP Certification which is internationally a