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What career should I choose after BCA?

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RE: What career should I choose after BCA?

Avadhut Desai
Avadhut Desai
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We are living in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) world and the progress of ICT, we all know, has been at an exponential rate. The momentum of the field requires a great number of IT professionals to shoulder the numerous business operations and for the related tasks.



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We had a period when the want of the IT professionals has been felt, that caused the boom in the IT education industry and now we are having so many colleges and reputed institutions everywhere as one would easily get the desired academic course to excel in IT career field.

Dear Aspirant, BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) is indeed a good degree in term of career, you wanted to be in. After BCA, there are many such alternatives at your disposal and with CareerGuide you have reason to remain assured as you will get the guidance and directions you desire.  The Professional Experts have made it possible for lakhs of Aspirants to set in their dream career field and you too are about to get your things done with the help of CareerGuide.

What after BCA: No Worries, You Have Many Options

Have you, dear aspirant, completed your BCA or still pursuing it? If you still have time to complete the course then no worries at all, you just complete it, putting your best so that you can easily get the admission for further advanced studies in reputed institutions. And if you are already done with your bachelor then it’s time to act fast for the CareerGuide is with you to help you at every stage in your career.

Further Studies in IT field:

Yes, for ambitious minds the bachelor cannot be the limit, they are to do more and excel in their career path and achieve the glory they deserve. Doing Masters, research level PG courses and certain related useful diplomas from top universities/institution is what can be expected of any IT Geek. And here I can suggest you some of the advanced studies for you.

MCA (Master in Computer Application)

MCA is the obvious option that comes first in mind when we think of further studies after BCA. Having a master degree in the respective field is good which shows your expertise in that field. The course is generally run for two years. Some colleges may be having an entrance exam for admissions. Presence MCA on your CV put you in high demand and the chances of getting hired increase. For top colleges and institutions in ICT field speak to the Career Experts

MBA (Master in Business Administration)

There is nothing new in pursuing Management after BCA rather it is the necessity of the corporate world and the IT professionals with management skills are in high demand for strategic positions. Do your MBA in your desired field and be ready to get hired as soon as you complete the due course. A Two year MBA will never let you remain jobless. If having any difficulties related to your career, then talk to the Professional Experts at CareerGuide.


Yes, Law too can be thought after the BCA! In legal and judiciary field, professionals are in demand to solve various complex legal and judicial matters. There are many law firms, engaged in various operations such as corporate, judicial cases, etc. and you with IT and law knowledge can get the desired job easily.

Academic Courses other than MCA and MBA

  • MCM - Masters in Computer Management
  • MIM - Masters Degree in Information Management
  • Sc. in IT - Master of Science in Information Technology
  • G-CAT - Graphity - Certificate in Animation Technology
  • PGDCA - Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Applications
  • PGPCS - Post Graduate Programme in Corporate Studies
  • PGDM - Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
  • Programme in Information Security Management
  • Media and Mass Com. - Mass Communication Courses
  • Com – Master degree in Commerce


Dear Aspirant, you can surely think of the above academic options and select one or two and augment your knowledge base in the field. With higher education, you would feel confident enough to face the challenges in your career path and it helps you achieve stability in your career path.


Career Prospects after Bachelor in Computer Application

Dear aspirant, above list, would make you aware of the career prospects and scope in ICT field. You can have even more details about your field regarding your further studies, career opportunities, etc, after talking with the Professional Career Experts at CareerGuide. For more information and guidance let us know, we will be happy to help you. Hope you would find this helpful!


RE: What career should I choose after BCA?

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