What to do after 10th? why I m so confused about my career direction

I am worried about my career

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RE: What to do after 10th? why I m so confused about my career direction

Ravi Thakor
Ravi Thakor
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My dear friend,

Why to be confused when there are plenty of doors open to come out of a room.

Any students after the completion of class 10 board exams are always worried about which stream to choose in Pre-University Education (i.e. to join class 11). Well, here are a few Key options available for a student after the board examination. In India, there are a few main streams which are available for a student to choose after class 10. We are not considering the various vocational courses which are designed to provide early employment options to various students. The main streams available for a student after the board examinations of 10th student are as mentioned below:
Commerce - Deals with courses on trade and business
Science - Deals with courses in Medical sciences and Engineering
Arts/Humanities - Deals with a very wide range of courses such as History, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, languages, Anthropology, Human Resources, journalism etc.
Commerce stream: can be illustrated as study of trade and business. The stream has been increasingly chosen by a large chunk of students after completion of 10th standard, due to its attractiveness in terms of finding early employment and also beginning of entrepreneurship. Subjects which are offered in Commerce stream: There are many degree and diploma courses which encompasses the Commerce stream. Some of the key subjects which are taught in the commerce stream are as below:
1. Economics
2. Accountancy
3. Business studies and business law
Some of the popular graduate courses offered through the commerce stream are B.Com, BBA, BMS, BBM, CFA, CA, ICWA, CFP etc. Mostly major commerce colleges offer subjects such as Business economics, financial accounting, Business communication, Marketing, Business law, Business finance, Auditing, Cost accounting, Income tax from which students has to choose their subject of interest. A student has to take total six subjects along with English and one additional subject.
Some important tests for Commerce pursuer after passing 10th standard examination:
There are some competitive examinations which can be appeared by a student after passing 10th examination which are mentioned below. 1. C.S Foundation course
2. C.A Foundation course
3. ICWA Foundation course
4. Business Studies
It offers lucrative career options to students after 12th standard. It opens up the career options in Engineering and Medical sciences. The major subjects that are offered in the Science stream are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Mathematics, Biotechnology, and Computer Science. For anyone who wants to study Engineering has to study Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and those who want to study Medical sciences has to choose Biology as a main subject. A student has to take at least six subjects including English.
Arts stream:
Arts stream has a wide variety of subjects which can offer exciting opportunities. Selection of Arts stream after 10th examination enables to pave the way for choosing some other gripping careers. This stream offers subject History, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, English, Hindi and Sanskrit for the higher secondary level. But one has to opt for four compulsory subjects in addition to English and a Modern Indian Language. If anyone has interest to pursue a career in mass media, journalism, literature, sociology, social service, human psychology, politics, economics and history then you must choose Arts stream after passing 10th examination.

I hope that these information would help you to come out of the confusion.

I wish you good luck and hope you make your mark one day very soon.

RE: What to do after 10th? why I m so confused about my career direction

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear student

Fear is the furious enemy of life so come out from such baseless talk and start to read your strength which is going to help you in future.
As you are out of the world, your age group suggests you to develop the fear psychosis which happens in general therefor you are strictly advised to erase such illusions from the mind.

You are advised to understand my sentences given below if you face any problem then must ask any senior or your teacher who can explain you in simple language:

1. As I guess you are struggling due to lack of concentration and you are being distracted due to your age factor, company, lack of maturity, below the average upbringing style, your current school and its malign atmosphere as well as many other factors which are being dominated over your internal quality which seems to be diluted.

2. First you acquire your internal potential which is completely unknown to you and you are not being guided properly. You first take the consultancy of your parents, family and friends if they are educated or good human being otherwise leave them and start your preparation on your own. Read certain autobiography in your local language if english is not understood.

3. Read all books at 10 th level starting from class 8th and then screen the best subject which suits you completely will give you the complete sense of understanding and then you will explain the applications associated to that subject. You will be your own mentor and start asking that I want to be educated in this particular subject becoz i know the benefits of it to the society and can make it instrumental to my dream project. Accordingly your society will be benefited due to your effort, self motivation, and confinement.

3. Once you know the subject of your interest then plan your academic career as per the family capability or your individual struggle can combat any bad situation and you can educate yourself as you will be given many helping hands available in this descent society.

4. Just suit the interest towards sciences, technology, humanities, or langauges or any other subject which can bring your strength at national and international level.

Hope I did my best to explain the realistic facts which you need disparately.


Dr. Manoj

RE: What to do after 10th? why I m so confused about my career direction

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