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Salary structure for an average insurance officer will vary from company to company, sector to sector(Govt or private) and place to place. For Metro cities and Non- Metro cities it will be different.Please confirm about all the criteria's mention below to know the correct answer:PlaceDesignationYears of experience in the same filedDefine the job profile as clearly and completely as possibleGeneral Package are as mentioned below:Area Manager- 6.20 LacsBusiness Devepoment Manager- 4.5 LacksRepresentatives- 2.5 LacsLTC for one year of minimum serviceGovt holidays applicableInsurance coverage

The insurance industry has grown immensely in the past few years and there is no dearth of opportunities in this sector. It offers variety of career opportunities for school drop outs and university graduates as well as professionals including actuaries, accountants, MBA's, marketing and sales professionals, risk managers, lawyers, customer service officers etc. Employers of insurance professionals are reinsurance companies, insurance and reinsurance brokers, actuarial firms, health insurance firms, consulting firms, banks and financial institutions , micro finance companies , info

Below are the necessary skills that if you learn as an insurance officer will be helpful in the long terms and also will help you providing the job:1. The insurance officers need to have really good knowledge about the insurance sector. The basic knowledge of finance will also be very useful. Remember usually the written tests are conducted for the jobs of insurance officers which are followed by personal interviews. In both the cases your knowledge about the insurance sector will be tested and therefore you need to educate yourself really well in order to be suitable candidate for this job ro

In order to identify the interest and aptitude and measure it against your career as an Insurance Officer you need to keep in mind the following points and answer the questions accordingly. That will help you figure out whether this career is right for you or not.1. The most important thing you should ask yourself - how interested you are in the insurance sector. The role of an insurance officer expects you to have clear understanding of this sector and the knowledge of the various technical aspects so that you can do well. You need to explain these things to your prospective clients and there

Insurance officers are responsible for carruing out clerical and other functions assisociated with insurance polices.  There are mainly two types of insurance i.e. life insurance and general insurance.The work of insurance officer can be understood under following headings:-Claims OfficerA claims officer arranges settlement of claims made by clients against their policies. They assess the validity of claims by interviewing clients or their representatives and obtaining evidence.Insurance SurveyorAn insurance surveyor inspects all kinds of properties to check for hazards and the efficiency

As [an Insurance Officer you have][1] four main tasks to do and you do them almost every day:Contacting people: This takes quite a lot of time [as the Insurance Officer has to][2] figure out which all are the prospective clients. They have to contact them via emails, phone calls, text messages etc and get them aware about the various policies that the company is offering. One has to be really polite during the conversations.Meet prospective clients: This is one of the important roles of an Insurance    [Officer's work][3]. They have to understand the client's needs and listen wel

One can work in Life, General, Health Insurance & Reinsurance Companies. The job usually involves designing and pricing the various policies .He usually works on deciding about the kind of investment an indivudual has to make and returns he can expect on the investments.One can also get involved in designing a scheme of benefits to members of the pension scheme. Various pension schemes are their in the market today and insurance officers has alot of contribution in it.An individual can also get work on investment pattern, quantifying  the investment pattern, quantifying the

Insurance officer is the management officer who Provide day to day management and administration of insurance services across the Group, liaising with staff, customers and insurers to ensure effective communication and the efficient administration of Claims. Principal Duties and Responsibilities:- Manage the insurance services for the Group, ensuring appropriate and cost effective cover is in place at all times. To be responsible for maintaining a register of all insurances that the Group hold. To be responsible for processing all insurance claims in accordance with agreed procedures, includi