Insurance Officer - Career Queries

Dear Aspirant, Leaving your HDFC job is not at all a good sign especially when the job market is always tough. IF you would have been in banking, then transition to operations would have been more smooth. Now moving from Insurance again t banking operations seems difficult without any formal education in banking technicalities. You may also try for government bank jobs through IBPS PO vacancies. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, [MBA in Insurance Management][1] has been dying in many Universities. For an Insurance Officer, the most important skill which is required is Marketing. So MBA Marketing can help more. Best wishes [Is Insurance Officer your Ideal Career? Take Ideal Career Test to know -->Click Here][2] ======================================================================== [1]: /ask/management-marketing/banking-and-insurance-management [2]: /know-your-ideal-career

Dear Aspirant, Creativity is important in terms of your convincing skills to ask the prospective customer to buy an insurance policy. With good creativity, it would be easy to make understand the need of insurance and the benefits - short and long term. Best wishes

Hi There, Firstly, good that you are managing both work and study. Here, p[lease note that, do not get swayed with the work environment, because [for any higher studies, whether MBA or any certificate or a Post graduate degree][1], you will need a minimum of 60% or a first class. So do work but at the same time, see that studies are not affected. As rightly said by the previous counselors, to pursue a Part-time MBA, you need a minimum of 3 years work experience, which you already have, but you need a masters degree too. As far as choosing a specialization is concerned, since you have menti

Hi There, There is no one way which is the best way to find a job. As such, you can directly based on your qualification, apply directly to the insurance company for a job. Make an updated Resume stating your latest qualification and achievement and what all can you contribute and send it across to firms either online through the company website or by post. Other than that you can post your Resume with various online job portals like Naukri, Jobs ahead etc. Lastly through reference. But mainly references work for higher level positions, not the junior or entry level positions. Hope this i

Hi Anupama,Very happy to see that you are trying hard to make a name for yourself and you aim high too.Since you are a Graduate, finding a job should not be much difficult for you then.As far as English is concerned, Yes, you need to be fluent atleast in terms of spoken or in communicating.So it would be best if you could enroll for a crash course for the same.You could look out for a Receptionists or a secretary position in good organizations.The only requirement apart from communication, is Computer knowledge as well as proficiency in shorthand.Apart from this another option you can think of

Hi Greetings of the day!!!!Insurance is one of the most heard name in today times but with very little knowledge about it. Insurance is very commonly used word but still lot of people do not know what is insurance and what are the cost and benefits of  insurance.Today insurance are of many types, some of the common types of insurance are :Life Insurance Travel InsuranceMedical InsuranceFire Insuranceproperty InsuranceMany more As we can see above there are many types of insurance available and thus it leads to increased need of diverse function one has to fulfill as a insur

Dear Aspirant, an insurance claim officer has necessary skills set to carry out the job requirements effectively and sincerely. This type of work require them to develop good communication skills, be well organized, managed and have the skills to analyze the customers demand and meet them effectively. Good communication skills are are an important consideration while looking for an insurance claim officer. You have to demonstrate that you listen carefully, to waht your colleagues and clients want to tell you so that you can resond to their queries accordingly.An insurance claim officer carry o