Electronics Engineer - Career Queries

Hi Khaleel.. Please visit the websites of the universities like VIT university, Lovely Professional University, Ashoka university etc to find the interesting courses for you. 

Hi Himanshu.. It will be better to follow your won interest always. Because, after all you are the person to study and write exam and then to find a career in that field. So, you can go for B.Tech Information technology from leading institutes like lovely Professional university, VIT university, SRM university etc. If you are choosing better places for study, you can develop more skills and build a bright career. 

Can you tell us more detail about the topic Best regards, Granny

Electronics engineering and computer engineering are the two different sets of branches of engineering. While electronics mainly deals with electronics based circuit and its working, on the other hand, software engineering is related to programming and its different aspects. Electronics engineering is related with designing circuits based on diodes, transistors, capacitors and Indicators. It involves the study of various circuits of power generation and its distribution on the nanoscale to a wider scale. In electronics engineering, one will gain knowledge about Very Large Scale Integration (VL

The stream that you chose does not matter as much as your passion. Why is that so?   The world is getting larger and smaller at the same time. With the content and knowledge being ever increasing, the world is getting larger. At the same time, with the integration of computing and Smartphone technology, it is getting smaller. One might consider the amount of job availability in India reducing, given its overpopulated status and the over-competitive nature of corporate domains. However, while there is a lack of jobs in the mainstream fields such as engineering and medicine, new undiscovere

Science and technology are becoming the key to determining the lifestyle of the people. Even the developing countries are said to be developing only because of the development in the science and technology. Today, the nation's progress is judged by the fact that whoever country is technologically advanced, is said to be developed and in the phase. Thus, the role of the science and technology today is very useful for the education, defense, health, securities and lastly for the jobs too. On every second day, the newspaper contains the article dedicated to any researchers made under the head of