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Rubber technologists are the ones who deal with the transformation of rubber or elastomers to useful products, such as rubber mats, automobile tires. They vulcanize the rubber to manufacture the different plastic products. Rubber and Leather technologist works in both scientific and technical fields. They supervise and manage the process of conservation of raw hides and skins into the leathers. They experiment with dyes and preserve the leathers, also finishes it to create the desired look. They produce the reports and recommends and present samples to colleague.

Probably it would be difficult to prepare down a complete and comprehensive list of books to follow by every mechanical engineer,as the different specialization requires  knowledge of specific discipline. If you are a practicing engineer, number of Mechanical Engineer's Handbook are available for reference.They contain useful information in a concise way compiled through a number of subject. For students preparing for various competitive examinations objective type question banks will be of additional help to text books.

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Hi Swarali, Good question! In 5 years time; if you are working for a large Computer organization; You are likely to end as one of the following; 1. Specialist/Architect: This is related to the work you have been doing and you become an expert in that segment and you will acknowledged as such. 2. Team Lead: If you display good teamwork and leadership skills in the first 5 years; then you are likely to elevated to a Team Lead position. You would be heading a team of 5-15 persons and are responsible for their work. If you want to grow in this direction; a MBA degree will be useful, along PMP cert

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There are so many good things that you can do being a computer engineer, like -  you may be a programmer, ethical hacker, get a chance to work in the intelligence department, can work on projects like BCI - Brain Computer Interface etc, but to materialize all these things you nedd to join some reputed and renowned institution where you may get an exposure to excel in the field. You may choose any one out of - Quantum School of Engineering, Roorkee,...............Gitam Institute of Technology, Vishakhapatnam,.................Lovely Professional University, Phagwara,.............BITS, Mesra

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Regular working hours and day look very typical for others. It is quite speculative for you that they must be doing this and that and eventually you get inspired distantly it is good and bad both at a time. It is good if you are observing them with your analytically mind but bad if you are observing them and being inspired with your emotion and excitement and then decided to go for that this is called pre-mature decision. Such kind of speculation is always risky therefore you are advised to have a close look of such workforce at the deified place, then draw the interest of being an engineer.

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Below are the [top 10 colleges/universities for Mechanical Engineering][1] in the world:1. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology):It is undoubtedly the best institute for [mechanical engineering.][2] The reason is the cutting edge ideas and their implementation at MIT is wonderful. Also the scope and opportunities for the students are vast and diverse in nature.2. Stanford University: Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University is well known for its innovation and entrepreneurial ventures. The university is well known to come up with innovative ideas and convert those vivid dr

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Hello,  Yes there is importance of class 12 marks in jee main 2017 bcoz the rank will be decided by the percentile formula in which there is a weightage of class 12 also.

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Hello, Thanks for Asking..!! Firstly, you need to find out your interest & then work hard to start your career in that direction. It's never too late to start career. If you want a secure future , then you can also prepare for government job exams, as it is one of the best career option with good job securities. you have 6 years working experience which is really good if you want a job in the same field. Best of Luck :)

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Hello Chandrasekhar, Sounds good. Yes. these days IT is very much in demand. Definitely you can opt for a networking course.   If you find yourself interested, then I would suggest, opt for an MCA course in the mere future. You could opt for an MBA in IT too.   Wish you good luck.....

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Hi, The automobile sector has been turning into a new giant with new automobiles building every day and new technology has been launched every moment. But due to lack of knowledge about this field, the sector has been unexplored in the modern competition. The automobile sectors mostly come up with automobile or vehicle engineers and in our education system, this is done under with mechanical and automation engineering or automation engineering itself. The study involved in automation engineering mostly deals with manufacturing, developing, testing of automobiles and their other mechanical part

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Hello Harsh,  I do not understand how you suddenly developed an interest in sports engineering while pursuing an engineering in computer science. I can understand gaming as it is a part of computer science. Anyways coming to your question. Sports engineering involves research and generating better and well equipped sportss equipments. There is a need for top level engineers in the field of sports especially mechanical engineer. But no issues, I am sure you would do justice to this field because of your interest in the field. Go ahead and pursue the course and build scope for yourself beca

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Hi, A strong resume - a strong you! Resumes are the face of the interview, they are more than a piece of paper, and they hold all the necessary information to create an impact over the interviewer or the shortlisting committee in order to get a better selection. In order to have a better influence during an interview or any other event, it is important to have a good resume. For any Confusion Regarding Career Paths – Take here: Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test There are a few points that had to keep in the context in order to create an effective resume which are as

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Hi, In India, at present day scenario, IT (Information Technology) is considered to be the fastest growing sector and is scaling up at an exponential rate. Due to this, Information technology sector is considered to be one of the best sectors in India, and creating a number of opportunities in the field of software development, software management, network analysis, consulting, innovation and research, solutions-based services, decision making and behavioral services etc. The list is so long and choosing right skill and organization will help you to grow faster and lead to a prosperous future

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Hello, Thanks for Asking..!!! There are too many career opportunities available for Computer Science Students in Indian Railways.Like - Communication department. Account section. Ticket counter section. Controlling section. Junior Accounts Assistant (JAA) Enquiry Cum Reservation Clerk (ECRC) Telecommunication engineer. Sr.section engineers. Sr system analyst Jr. Executive Check All the Latest Jobs & vacancies here : Railway Jobs   Also Read : Which Books are the best for Railway Exams Preparation With the Railway, you can also apply for IBPS PO, SSC CGL exams to get a comfortable

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JEE is Joint Entrance Exam which is held in India as an admission procedure for all the top most and Ivy League colleges in India, in every field of engineering. Every IIT, NIT and almost all the government or semi-government colleges had accepted JEE as criteria for admission. Also, some private universities don't consider JEE for engineering admission, but most of them consider it too. And due to this, count of college under JEE is very high and which is made is most likable and highly difficult exam all the engineering wannabe students and hence make the competition really tough. Due to thi

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For every admission season, all the engineering aspirants face the same questions like which engineering college to choose, which one is better IIT or NIT, what is the difference between them, what makes IIT more strong then NIT. For these type of questions, we are here to debunk the major points that may help students to choose their college wisely. IIT’s branded as Indian institute of technology are group of 23 institutions for quality engineering education in the country, actually the best education. On the other hand, NIT’s branded as National Institute of technology, are a set

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With the greater advancements in the modern technology and with the establishment of telecommunications standards India the demand of Telecommunication engineers have seen a slight rise from the past. Telecommunication engineering in India is fell under the discipline of Electronics and Telecommunication engineering (ETE), which deals with the basic study of data and information transmission and network analysis. This disciple deals with operational management as well development of telecommunication devices. Apart from that, the Electronics portion of engineering which deals with the basic st

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Hello Vaibhav,  Whether you wish to appear for CAT is your choice completely. Please note this decision cannot be based on your score or percentage as such.  Competitive exams are a complete different ball game. Clearing them needs a good mental ability blended with logic and no doubt self confidence. Ones score or percentage do not reveal these traits. So if you feel you are the logical kind or you ready to put in the required effort, practice, as well as focus on the concept, then Yes opt for CAT exams. Wish you good luck....  

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Hello. To discuss your case, it is very impoetant for you to decide what ypu wish to have as your career orwhat ypu exacly percive when ypu say you do not have a career in psychology. Psychology is one of the moat booming branch of paramedical sciences that has immense career oppprtunity but ypu need to be patient and dedicated and you need to complete your masters in psychology. There after the various options that you can find in your career could be 1) clinical psychologist 2) sports psychologist ( a speciality) 3) Industrial Psychologist 4)A behavioral counselor 5) A human redevelopment or

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