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Biochemical engineer is one who mainly deals with the design and construction of unit processes that involves bioreactors that is the biological organisms or molecules. They aim to promote the progress in the crucial chemical engineering aspects of the development of biological processes associated from raw materials preparation to product recovery relevant to industries as diverse as medical/healthcare, industrial biotechnology, and environmental biotechnology. They establish themselves in wide range of industries such as petrochemical industry, food industry, pharmaceuticals and water treatment industries. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Biochemical Engineer answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Biochemical Engineer

Hello Thank you for choosing [Meracareerguide][1] and writing to us. A career in [Bio chemistry][2] is very interesting as it combines Biology and Chemistry. This means you can work at either Biology sectors or chemistry sectors or even at both. With a degree in Biochemistry you can pursue the following careers. 1. **Teaching:** With a BSc Biochemistry you are qualified to teach at schools. However with a MSc or a PhD Bio Chemistry you can work at college level. 2. **Science policy:** You can work at the board level where policies are constructed for science and research. This includes f

As a BioChemical Engineer you will have following responsibilities in your day to day work:1. Maintain the databases of experiments and the results that they have obtained.2. They have to consult with biologists or chemists and coordinate with them while developing new technologies.3. They study the processes and conduct experiments in the laboratories to figure out the right way of developing new products.4. They review the existing biomanufacturing processes and ensure the foolproof operations of the equipments.5. They prepare the design of the new equipments using computer aided design soft

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Biochemical Engineering is a branch of Biological Engineering or Chemical engineering. B.Tech. Biochemical Engineering is an undergraduate Biochemical Engineering Course. The course is of 4 years. Unit Processes that includes biological molecules or organisms, such as Bio-Reactors are designed and constructed with the help of this course. This course is Technology, Science, and Engineering driven. The concepts of Enzyme technology, Genetics, Industrial Microbiology, Biochemistry, cell and Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Bio-informatics, Phase Equilibrium Thermodynamics & Property Estimati

Hi Vivek, There are many sectors under which one can work after completing diploma in fisheries. The main areas are discussed below: Farm management: This area contains tasks like site selection, construction of ponds, monitoring, feeding, maintaining water quality, selective stocking, and hazard analysis. Hatchery Management: In this area work consists of stock collection, feeding, rearing, spawning in artificial conditions, larvae stage, oxygen packing, transportation to the farms etc. It is an important area as there is shortage of manpower in our country in this field because Aquac

Hi Kailash, Let me tell you that ICWAI is one the Qualification which is having a possibilities of wide range of career in Finance and Costing. I am a Qualified CWA and have done my MBA in Finance, i have seen lot of my friends reaching up to level of AVP Finance or CFO of their companies.    For Career Option after ICWA you need to first identify the are of interest you have, Costing like in traditional time not a factory level or shop floor job rather its one of the most important part in any company today to curtail cost and provide higher margins. Career in Costing can be help yo