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Biomedical engineers are the ones who design the concepts of medicine and biology for healthcare purposes. They also design the devices and equipment such as artificial internal organs like dialysis machines and other diagnostic machineries. They install, adjust, maintain and repair also provide the necessities for the machineries. They train the technicians and other personnel to operate the machine. They work with life scientists, druggist and other medical experts and research the engineering aspect of other biological systems. They prepare procedures and other reports and also publish the papers on their new inventories and techniques. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Bio Medical Engineer answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Bio Medical Engineer

Day of Bio Medical Engineer is very normal but for others it looks typical like working in an isolated condition and resolving system based complexities are the typical job they do. Of course thier day to day journey of research is full of challanges and work tirelessly. They have capability to handle multiassignments and assess the situation and then find the time for themselves. Maintaining the balance between research and social life is a big deal as we know both aspects of life are equally important. In fact you are interested to know thier professional conduct how they carry out thei

Hello& Thank you very much for contacting us. I am happy to guide you with your education query today. I see you are a [BSc student in Medical technology now][1]. And you are interested in doing [MSc Cardiac perfusion technology abroad][2]. To straight away answer your question, YES, you can do MSc Cardiac Perfusion technology course after your [BSc Medical technology course][3].  First of all I am impressed with your career line and your decision. Congrats on that. You want to study a course at a higher MSc level that you already studied at a BSc level. Not many students choose the sa

Biomedical engineering is one of the hottest career these days. The opening of insurance sector has indirectly helped the healthcare industry. Anticipating the high quality medical care, which will be made available to millions of Indians, there has been a steady demand for bio medical engineers in India. There has been an increasing use of the combination of medicine with cutting edge technology in the treatment of diseases. More and more doctors are utilizing the power of computer and other devices such as MRI scans,sonography devices etc. Therefore if you are good in biology as well as math

Dear Aishwarya,Medical Electronics engineers develop devices and procedures that solve medical and health-related problems by combining their knowledge of biology and medicine with engineering principles and practices. Many do research, along with life scientists, chemists, and medical scientists, to develop and evaluate systems and products such as artificial organs, prostheses (artificial devices that replace missing body parts), instrumentation, medical information systems, and health management and care delivery systems. Medical Electronics engineers also design devices used in various med

Dear aspirantthank you for approaching counsellors at [][1]. i appreciate your interest in becoming a professor. It is a highly reputable and responsible profession and good you choose it. to become a professor of any subject, it is essential to go through the basic educational requirement that our country demands, and for that ideally a Doctorate degree in required. therefore you should choose to study a Doctorate degree to become a Professor of Bio medical engineering. Let me explain you step by step on how to reach this PhD stage now. First pass 10th class with a mandato

Dear student, Thanks for posting your query on this portal. Medical electronics is a very specialised field of engineering and I commend you for your interest in this field. This field entails working with the highly sophisticated and often very expensive equipment used in the healthcare industry. A BE in this field will suffice for a job, however a PG degree will indeed be an added asset. With a PG degree you can start off at a higer level in a job and you also have the option to teach or work in research in future.   There are several colleges in India offering

Hello Preeti...!! Congratulations on completing your 12th. You have now come across to take the most crucial decision of your life.I am happy to know that you have chosen Medical Field as your career. The opportunities are unlimited n the medical field. One of the best options is to go for the NEET exam. Through NEET exam you will be able to get admission in MBBS or BDS course which can lead your career to a bright future. Being a Doctor is one of the most prestigious job profile in India with lots of perks and benefits. Apart from being a Doctor or Dentist, there are lots of other opport

Apart from going for the MBBS course, which most of the students choose to go for like sheeps, there are many career options are there through which you can have a decent income and also you will be more satisfied with your job. Apart from NEET Exam, below is the list of some of the careers which you can use for making a career in the medical field. Anthropologist Clinical Researcher Nursing Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Pharmacy Food Science/Technology Nutritionist Medical Laboratory Worker Life Science Researcher Teaching Social Worker and many more..!!! You can choose whichever fiel

Hello Ankit..!! You can check out my answer to a similar type of question at : In the above answer, I have mentioned various fields which you can choose to make your career. All the best

Only MBBS is a good options. Rest all are same. Best wishes, Himanshu