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Instrumentation engineers are responsible for conducting research, developing designs, and installing the machinery and equipment that is used for supervision of engineering systems and processes. The key responsibilities of an instrumentation engineer includes being able to prepare for projects under the given budget, production and implementation of design, conducting inspection tests, writing reports, analysis of the data, providing of technical support. They should have the ability to meet deadlines and should cope up with circumstances under pressure. It is a job which is highly competitive in nature and individuals must possess strong analytical and logical reasoning abilities in order to succeed in this field. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Instrumentation Engineer answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Instrumentation Engineer

The typical day of an Instrumentation Engineer goes like this:They have to check the emails and conduct meetings with management and the clients at the start of the day.They work with the procurement team to purchase the new instruments and get the approvals for that.They participate in the process development and therefore design the process flow diagrams.They have to work closely with the clients and assist them in the instrumentation segment, keeping a check on the quality of the instruments.They make sure parts are installed correctly and perform test runs before actual operations can begi

The list of companies that hire instrumentation engineer are :-Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited ( BHEL)Defence Research and Development Organization ( DRDO)Indian Space and Research Organization ( ISRO)Torrent PowerAdani PowerBharat Electronics Limited ( BEL)Steel Authority of India Limited ( SAIL)Gas Authority of India Limited ( GAIL)National Thermal Power Corporation ( NTPC)NavayugaIndian RailwaysNational InstrumentsGeBoschABBSuzlonTexasIndia OilTata  MotorsHindustan Petroleum Corporation of India Limited ( HP CL)The profile of some of the companies mentioned above are as follows:-Larsen

Instrumentation engineers work in a variety of industrial facilities that specialize in manufacturing, oil and gas production, energy production and the processing of food or chemicals. Their work involves designing, developing and maintaining the entire instrumentation systems of any industrial undertaking. They assist the management in selection of instruments to be used in manufacturing process for ensuring better quality ,efficiency, safety, dependability and productivity of the end product. They are involved in the designing of actuators, positioning devices and robots for industrial auto

Hi Dear,Instrumentation is the specialized branch of electrical and electronic engineering , instrument engineers usually have degrees in instrumentation engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering and some times in the newer field of control engineering, control systems engineering.Instrumentation engineering focuses on the principle and operation of measuring instruments, which are used in design and configuration of maintenance of instruments and entire instrumentation system of an industrial under taking. An instrumentation engineer decides the type

Instrumentation engineers manage, design and install the machines or control systems used in highly technical fields.Manufacturing , chemical and other industries with automated processes hire instrumentation engineers to maximize the dependability , safety and productivity of their systems. Many industrial and manufacturing units use instrumentation systems to monitor their facilities. These instruments measure temperature, pressure, radiation, voltage and other variables. Instrument engineers design these instruments, keep a watch of their instruments and troubleshoot existing devices to ens

With the ever increasing demand for electrical energy, the development in audio and video communication systems and the automation industry , instrumentation engineers are playing crucial role everywhere. Instrumentation engineering involves the designing and development of highly efficient electrical machinery, power systems and control  equipment for the transmission, generation and distribution of energy . The instrumentation engineers can find employment with pulp and paper industry , engineering firms, petrochemical plants, mining industry , oil refineries ,