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Industrial engineering is nothing but the branch of engineering which deals with the optimization of complex systems and processes. They use their skills to improve the systematic processes through their statistical analysis. Industrial engineering is an integration of science, math and engineering operation methods. They majorly work on the areas where they can eliminate the waste of time, materials, machine-time, man-hours, money, energy and other resources that which do not generate great value. They configure the work in a much better and productive way, where they can save the time and work also should be done in a most prominent way. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Industrial Engineer answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Industrial Engineer

Regular working hours and day look very typical for others. It is quite speculative for you that they must be doing this and that and eventually you get inspired distantly it is good and bad both at a time. It is good if you are observing them with your analytically mind but bad if you are observing them and being inspired with your emotion and excitement and then decided to go for that this is called pre-mature decision. Such kind of speculation is always risky therefore you are advised to have a close look of such workforce at the deified place, then draw the interest of being an engineer.

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 Industrial engineers will play a crucial role in designing and implementing automated systems and robotics in manufacturing and other industries. They will be responsible for optimizing these systems to increase efficiency, productivity, and safety.  Super Mario

Dear aspirant A professor career is definitely reputable and highly professional academic oriented career. To become a professor of any subject, in India it is mandatory for students to follow a compulsory rule 10+2+3 or 10+2+4 route. I shall explain it step by step below. You should have passed 10th class with minimum 60% (This is 10)You should have passed 12th class with minimum 60%  (This is +2)You should have compulsorily studied a three year bachelors degree like the BA/ BSC/ BCOM/ BBA and have passed with minimum first class (this is known as +3). But as you are desiring t

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 Industrial engineers will play a crucial role in designing and implementing automated systems and robotics in manufacturing and other industries. They will be responsible for optimizing these systems to increase efficiency, productivity, and safety.  Super Mario

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Undoubtedly, industrial engineering will play an important role in the world in the optimization of natural resources, such as water, in making the food sector productive without increasing the areas for cultivation or cattle raising, and finding precision and speed in surgical processes, among others.17 thg 1, 2023   Quick Draw

The scope for ergonomists in India is quite promising. As the country is rapidly industrializing and digitizing its workplaces, there is a growing awareness of the importance of ergonomics in ensuring the health, safety, and productivity of workers. Many industries, such as manufacturing, IT, healthcare, transportation, and education, are recognizing the need for ergonomists to optimize their work environments.   Donkey Kong

Many companies offer internships to students and recent graduates to gain practical industry experience. These internships can be full-time or part-time and range from a few weeks to several months.  Fnaf