Hello, The typical day of [a Paint Technology Engineer includes following][1] activities:They check the emails at the start of the day and conduct meetings with the management to decide the course of the day.They work with the managers and other senior staff on [resolving the technical issues][2]. They have to coordinate with junior staff for that.Developing tools and processes in order to improve the paint system performance.Ensure the quality of the paint being produced. Therefore they need to check the parameters and specifications of the machines and equipments being employed.They [instal

In oil and paint technology discipline one studies about the various ingredients, polymers, pigments etc.-that are used in making oil and paint. Different substrate and surfaces, depending on their unique physical and chemical properties, require different kinds of paint or coating formulations to be applied on them. One studies about [the different aspects of paint technology][1] application in this discipline. The course deals with the types of oils and paints, the manufacturing and various processes by which they are utilized in the industry. Some of the main areas of Oil and Paint Technolo

Hi There, This is quite interesting. You have not only mentioned being a professor, but which field also has been mentioned. The answer to your question lies in the question itself. A professor is someone who needs to have complete answer of the subject he teaches. In you case, you need to have all [information regarding Paint technology][1], right from quality to products to manufacturing and many other factors that contribute towards Paint technology. So in that case, you need to pursue PCM in 12th. After that appear for various Engineering entrance exam tests and pursue either [B.Tech