Hi Kunal, IT companies look for Consultant's with domain knowledge to assist clients in the selection, implementation, and support of SAP Industry Solution for Oil & Gas. You are required to use your consulting skills, business knowledge, and packaged solution expertise to effectively integrate packaged technology into the clients business environment in order to achieve client expected business results. I'm sure in your current company, there must be a Technology implementer partner. If, its SAP(IS OIL), then nothing like it. Even other SAP modules like MM , CRM etc. can be of relevance de

Petroleum engineering is an attractive and high paying career option. Typically, a petroleum engineering graduate is given the job to discover natural sources of oil and examine the same. He is also responsible for developing the latest machines and equipments which can be used in the extraction and processing of oil. Petroleum engineers are paid very handsome salaries. However, the risks involved in the profession are many. Let us check petroleum sector-:Upstream sector: It involves activities like exploration, production and exploitation of oil and natural gases. After gaining a qualificatio

As an Oil Technology Engineer, your day to day work includes following things:Developing detailed plans and discuss them with the administration.Working on the mathematical models and incorporate them in the design of the equipments.Designing the systems that will help in the extraction and purification processes.Supervising the reservoirs and ensuring the safety and security of the equipments.Managing contractor relationships in relation to health, safety and environmental performance.Taking responsibility of the maintenance of the machines and equipments.Maintain a regular communication with

Dear Friend, Thank you for reaching Mera Careerguide.com Alright as I understand you want to know what are jobs that you can take as career in case of you take up the course in Oil technology.  Before that let me give you a brief description about the course which may help you. M.Tech Petroleum Technology or master of Technology in petroleum technology is a Post graduate Petroleum engineering course. Petroleum technology is the discipline that concerned with the activities related to the production of hydrocarbons which can be either crude oil or natural gas.Petroluem techn

Hello Thank you for approaching counsellors at Mera career guide and contacting us. Before i advice you on this question, let me introduce myself first please. I am Gomathi and I have been into counselling work since over 23 years now. I am also the Managing director of GV Counselling group based in Bangalore and i specialise in education and career guidance. So lets go into the topic. Please understand to become a professor, you need a PhD qualification. Only a doctorate qualification can give you a professor position. With this PhD degree you can work in colleges and universities i

Hi umang,Ofcourse MBA in oil and gas management would be a good choice for you. And will offer you great jobs as well in the same sector. [The scope for MBA in oil and gas management is very vast][1]. Oil and gas industry is a growing industry. There are many [different departments in oil and gas industry][2] which have continuous demand of skilled oil and gas professionals. Numerous vacancies are there in public and private sector. Indian Oil & Gas industry has come of age in the last decade or so. A huge captive demand for Energy, excellent policy initiatives like NELP by GoI, some world-cla