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Communication engineers work in an array of industry areas such as networking and telecommunications, media and radio and also the computing technology industries. The work of some engineers involves the application of their technical expertise whereas some other engineers are involved in managerial tasks. Only after a certain level of experience and expertise in technical field, engineers can move towards managerial positions. Their work may include production and implementation of designs, conducting inspection and test procedures, analyzing and interpreting the data, providing problem solving techniques and so on. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Communication Engineer answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Communication Engineer

Best way to find out is: 1. Check whether the college has relevant Industry experience.  Otherwise, it will be ALL THEORY and no practical exposure.  2. Check out what is the outcome of the passed out students in terms career growth. Unless specific skills in visual media domain are not provided, you will end up in confusion what career to choose. 3. Still better, specialised visual media degree such as B.Sc - Animation,  Visual Effects, Game Design, Game Arts, Media Technology,  Editing,  DI Color Correction will lead to career in the chosen field directly.  Sinc

Hello Ridham,Welcome to!!! Thanks for proposing your query here and giving us chance to help you. While going for engineering course many a times students land up in the engineering course without knowing what career prospects they will be having in the near future. One must collect such information before getting admitted into the course and thats really good you have been trying to collect such information before getting into the course.Basically Ridham Communication engineer one can become in two ways by taking admission either to -1.Electrical and Communication Engineering2

Hello Aparna,Welcome to [][1] and thanks for choosing [][2] to answer your query.Well Aparna Engineering field has been always a great field for making a very bright future and it has been always the first choice of all students and parents of dreaming to have a Successful [career in Engineering][3]. But many a times students get into wrong Engineering Course which leads them to face a hassle life as they don't have the proper information about the course like which subjects they are going to study,what are the Job Prospects on completion of the course etc.One mus