Hi There, Interesting question. Honestly speaking, relevance or work experience and pursuing a course is interconnected, whereby the experience which helps you strengthening your subject knowledge is fruitful than the other way round. Since you are opting for a career as a management consultant. For you to be successful in your job, you would need to know the basics of the job. The technicality and the entire process is important, only then can you work as a consultant. Now as a Maintenance engineer, your role would be to enhances service quality and equipment reliability by improving work

Dear Aspirant, [Production engineering][1] is a combination of [manufacturing technology][2] with management science. A production engineer typically has a wide knowledge of engineering practices and is aware of the management challenges related to production. With Make in India initiative happening in India by the new Govt. manufacturing and production industry is definitely going to experience surge in activity, profits and therefore leading to more job opportunities. If you do any Engineering from NIT, there is no doubt that you will be equipped with the expert knowledge and skills whic