Dear Student, if you wish to pursue engineering and that to in mechanical branch, then first of all you must fortify your PCM, for this you may follow NCERT books which are an ideal choice and the content in these books is quite satisfactory as well as helpful in appearing in tests like JEE/AIEEE etc. Thereafter if you have some desires to join a particular institution, you may download the syllabus and recommended books and be on your toes to study well. Some renowned names of institutions may be mentioned over here for mechanical engineering, you may visit the official websites of these inst

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Dear Sir/Madam,Greeting's for the day!!![Computer Engineers are responsible for designing, developing, implementing and testing computer based hardware and software][1], including the components that are found inside computer equipment, as well as actual devices that contains the computers and the software that runs on those machines. They may also design network that connects computer systems, and work on integrating software programs with computer hardware.Education Requirements:To become Computer Engineer, you will typically require a Bachelor od Science degree in Computer Engineering, Comp

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There are so many good things that you can do being a computer engineer, like -  you may be a programmer, ethical hacker, get a chance to work in the intelligence department, can work on projects like BCI - Brain Computer Interface etc, but to materialize all these things you nedd to join some reputed and renowned institution where you may get an exposure to excel in the field. You may choose any one out of - Quantum School of Engineering, Roorkee,...............Gitam Institute of Technology, Vishakhapatnam,.................Lovely Professional University, Phagwara,.............BITS, Mesra

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Regular working hours and day look very typical for others. It is quite speculative for you that they must be doing this and that and eventually you get inspired distantly it is good and bad both at a time. It is good if you are observing them with your analytically mind but bad if you are observing them and being inspired with your emotion and excitement and then decided to go for that this is called pre-mature decision. Such kind of speculation is always risky therefore you are advised to have a close look of such workforce at the deified place, then draw the interest of being an engineer.

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Below are the [top 10 colleges/universities for Mechanical Engineering][1] in the world:1. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology):It is undoubtedly the best institute for [mechanical engineering.][2] The reason is the cutting edge ideas and their implementation at MIT is wonderful. Also the scope and opportunities for the students are vast and diverse in nature.2. Stanford University: Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University is well known for its innovation and entrepreneurial ventures. The university is well known to come up with innovative ideas and convert those vivid dr

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Hello Anshuman , You have asked a query of much importance....,well to be on the point, as per the newly defined formula by MHRD on their official website, the final JEE Mains qualifying result and merit list is derived by considering 40 percent of class 12th marks  with 60 percent of JEE mains score. In addition to that you have to have minimum 50% aggregate with all the five subjects passed. Now lets focus on you as an engineer , you need to have basic understanding of the subjects to apply it in real world situation and most of the companies do prefer a candidate wi

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Hello Prakash,  Interesting question.  Please note applying for an internship is similiar to finding a job. Firstly make an attractive Resume stating your strengths and projects you have succesfully undertaken.  After this shortlist companies you wish to join. Also important is to be sure of what you expecting from the organization. Also be prepared as to how would you be an asset to the organization when they hire you. Once prepared with the above, try and fix an appointnent with the HR of the organization. Send in your Resume online and most importantly go on trying till the e

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Hello Atul,  It’s obvious that anyone who doesn’t know what it requires one to be eligible for taking admission for a B.Tech/B.Sc. in Biotechnology will be curious enough as it contains the both keywords, i.e. Biology & technology/Engineering. Atul, I would like to reaffirm what our ‘A Self Career Counseling Guide’ says is that it’s indeed come under PCB stream as the majority of institutions and universities in India, offer B.Tech./B.Sc. in Biotechnology on the basis of Biology of your 10+2 level or 10+2+3 level.  Atul, as you said that Mathematics

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Dear Aspirant, Very nice question, however nobody in the world can tell you which is the most easiest career. If there was an answer to this, then everybody would have done that and have got successful. Therefore, please remove this dream of doing the easiest career, since there is nothing like this and shall never be. However, you can get to know which is the easy career for you based on your potential, aptitude, innate abilities. It would not be easiest but definitely doing a career which suits you will make you enjoy that and also feel easy to do.  Choose your career based on what you

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Hello Anshu,  This giving up attitude will not help you in anyways. Ofcourse being practical is a must. Please note for admission to MBA one of the criteria is the percentage. So just one criteria does not close doors for you. If you are determined towards management, work hard for the entrance exam followed by group discussion and personal interview. But as suggested by the 2 counselors above, first be ultimately sure management is what you wish to pursue. Just to achieve a higher salary pursuing management is incorrect.  Please note, management graduates from reputed institutes too

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Dear Aspirant, You can definitely have job opportunities. Not every body can score first class or distinction and scoring that does not also mean that every body gets a job. Also scoring low also does not mean that one cannot get a job. Getting a job and scoring good in exam are two different things. Both require different skill sets. You should ensure that you are job ready in terms of knowledge, flexibility, attitude, adaptiveness, team spirit. These do not come in academics or cannot be taught in subjects. These you shoudl build and develop. Companies look for such traits also apart from ma

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Dear Aspirant, Firstly why the sudden decision to quit Singapore and come to India and study? This is unusual. You have been getting good grades now and is that your family is shifting here and so you wish to get into indian colleges? If yes, then definitely you will get admission into 12th class, however all over India the terminal/mid year exams have got over and colleges will open after Diwali. I do not see your chance of getting admission at this point of time. However there would definitely be colleges where seats are vacant and you could get admission, but the major problem would be for

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Dear Aspirant, Do not wander here and there and get more confused. Get to know what you are very good at and what potential you have in you. Choosing a career based on these aspects will lead you to success and happiness in life.  Now that you are in 10th, I really appreciate that you have started thinking of options which will make your career. Knowing that you are not good at maths but like physics is really good. However, even if you life physics, you will be required to have equal command over maths since maths and physics go hand in hand for your future studies.  Business Execut

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Dear Aspirant, Unfortunately, there are many Mechanical Engineers who took Mechanical stream in engineering thinking that they would like it and would get jobs based on that. Now taking mechanical engineering and getting a job are not related. You being a BE Mechanical, you seem not like it and would not like to continue in that field. This is your personal choice. You can now definitely apply for IT/Computer jobs since many MNCs hire mechanical engineers for coding, programming, systems, software testing jobs. There are plenty of jobs available in the IT sector. For this, I would recommend th

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Dear Aspirant, Nice to know that you are aiming to be an entrepreneur. That is a good idea, however since you are asking strategies for that, this makes it clear that you are not upto the mark of being an entrepreneur. I would suggest that instead of getting into entrepreneurship directly after graduation, work for some years in the field of your choice. Working in the industry makes you aware and knowledgeable of how the industry works, what are their problems, how they derive solutions to it, how to tackle people, how to network, etc. All the above aspects will help you when you decide to ge

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Dear Aspirant, After BTech, the first preference and priority you should give is for a job placement. Hope your college provides campus placements to your batch. Take full advantage of the same and try grabbing a job through campus placement. Here do not be very rigid in terms of job profile and salary and location. Always remember that as a fresher you are supposed to learn now in the practical world and gain that valuable experience. Ensure that you are good in English and communication skills to have a good impression in the interview. If you do not get a job, then may be continuing educati

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Dear Aspirant, To choose from the so many options is difficult and I am happy that you chose to be here and seek for clarification and help. The very important thing when you are unsure what to choose for career should be to know yourself first in terms of aptitude, interests, innate abilities, etc. Knowing these will define what you can become in the future as a person and as a professional. has an excellent psychometric test called as Ideal Career Test. This is an online MCQ based test which does not rely on just aptitude but also on other factors mentioned above which are hi

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Dear Aspirant, Now that you know you are very weak in quantitative techniques and verbal ability too, do you really feel, that you will be able to crack the toughest exam like CAT with good percentile? The only option to sort out this issue is to introspect why at all you are thinking of doing MBA. Do you think that if MBA not done, there wont be companies offering you jobs?  You will be able to get admission to a very average or below average MBA college in India, but would that be sufficient and would that give you good jobs? I think you are thinking that MBA degree will open doors of c

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Hello there,  A chemical engineer is the one who uses the knowledge of chemicals into manufacturing. They are also responsible for keeping the environment hazard free. Some are also into manufacturing of pesticides and fertilizers etc. Thus from the above it is clear that as a chemical engineer, all industries are open for you right from manufacturing industry to production industry, oil and petrochemical industry, polymer industry, food processing unit, agro based industry. Hope this helps. Wish you good luck..

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Dear Aspirant, I can understand your dilemma. Construction industry is on the rise in every country and particularly in India, where there is more focus on construction and infrastructure industry, there are a lot of opportunities for good civil engineers. I am happy that you are thinking of your future and approached us at the right time. Higher studies definitely is a good thing to do, however if you get placement through your college, then I would suggest that you should opt for it. If a job comes your way, do not loose that opportunity. Learning on the job is the best training which an aca

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No i am from commerce background and i was a school topper. Unfortunately i got admissions in Cu. And the results what i have i this. Who should i blame myself for studying 16 hours and getting this marks or blame university for spoiling my life and ruining my life. Its not just me many are there who is going thorugh the same situation.

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Dear Aspirant, BioTechnology courses are now booming up in India however the economic, research and business environment in India is still not ripe for BioTechnology fully. Doing MTech in BioTechnology is a good idea if you are sure that you like the domain and would like to continue in that for entire career life. You can go ahead with the MTech however I would also suggest that you should also search for a job outside India where there is much more scope in BioTechnology. Your BioTechnology in India will be definitely relevant abroad. BioTechnology career abroad can give you opportunities in

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