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Hi,There are many myths about Petroleum engineering and their work.Some of them are as follows-1) The most common myth is that now a days students are not opting for Petroleum engineering.This is not so because now a days more and more children are opting for Petroleum engineering.The main reason being is that they get to earn good salaries.2) There is a great shortage of oil technicians.Wrong, rather the number of oil technicians is growing because of rapid growth in the number of oil companies in India and abroad.3)The resource is depleting and so the industries will face downfall of oil ind

Hi,Petroleum engineering jobs in an MNC or  a start up company will differ in terms of education,experience and salaries.Companies more or less are same because the job is such that it requires machines and some particular tools which can not be compromised.They are a must for the company.There are certain names in the industry which are more popular and some are not.There is not much demarcation between both categories.I will give you some tips on how to get hired.An international carrier is much attractive and young engineers willing to explore can work in global oil companies and get i

To be a professor one has to begin with seeking admission in BE Petroleum engineering after completing 10+2 ( PCM) and passing a required engineering entrance exam, BE Petroleum is a four years course. The programme covers courses related to various components in petroleum industry including petroleum exploration, reservoir technology , production engineering , well engineering , drilling engineering , environment engineering and refining technology. After completion of BE , one can either seek admission in ME Petroleum Engineering ( by papers or research). This programme is aimed at developin

Petroleum engineers search the world for reservoirs containing oil or natural gas. Once these resources are discovered, petroleum engineers work with geologists and other specialists to understand the geologic formation and properties of the rock containing the reservoir, determine the drilling methods to be used, and monitor drilling and production operations. They design equipment and processes to achieve the maximum profitable recovery of oil and gas. Petroleum engineers rely heavily on computer models to simulate reservoir performance using different recovery techniques. They also use comp

Watch the video below to quickly go through the typical day of a Petroleum Engineer:In general, the petroleum engineers get involved in the following activities in their day to day lives:Working with the team to plan and decide the activities to be followed in the project and also schedule the tasks accordingly.Analyzing the data to suggest where the machinery and wells could be placed, expecting the maximum outputs.Work on the processes and design workflow for them.Collecting samples of oil and petroleum products and conduct experiments on them to understand the science behind.Work on the saf

Dear Student, if you want to be an entrepreneur then be ready for SWOT i.e. the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your own venture as there's a cut throat competition in the market, new discoveries and inventions are taking place almost daily. If you have a creative bent of mind and you are beaming with novel ideas to be executed and also ready to face all the odds and challenges coming your way then go for starting a venture and consider these names to pursue your degree - DTU, Delhi,.....................College of Engineering, Pune,....................Lovely Professional U

It may depend on the opportunities that may come your way. Generally the organizations are in favour of hiring a full time employee, rather to take over time services as well, but if someone is widely experienced and has lot may credentials to his/her credit then there may be chances that the person may work as a freelancer, but you should not be discouraged or disappointed, just apply at some chosen and reputed places and check what kind of responses you receive. I may suggest you to pursue your degree from any one of these institutions -  Apex Institute of Technology, Sitapura, Jaipur,.

It depends on the kind of project they are handling, sometimes it may happen that there is a crunch of staff and an engineer is responsible for maintenance, repair as well as up gradation of the project and thus, in such a situation there may be a possibility for extra working hours as well as need for a night shift. Generally, there is a rotation wise shift duty in most of the organizations. I suggest you to seek admission in chosen reputed institutions like - RNB Global University, Bikaner,..........................DPG institute of Technology and Management, Gurgaon,................Lovely Pr