Electrical Engineer - Career Queries

Dear Aspirant, Obviously, a job related to the electrical engineering will be suitable for you. But why are you inclined towards going for a job so immediately after just the Diploma in Electrical Engineering? I am asking you this question since the jobs which you may get on the basis of the Diploma will be on low scale and low job profile, majorly you may get contractual jobs and permanent full time on roll jobs seem not so easy to get. Further it will be difficult for you to study if you decide to complete your degree in engineering while working. I would strongly recommend you to go for Deg

Dear Aspirant, You can become an Electrical Engineer - one of the core engineering branches by the following ways: 1. Pursue a Diploma in Electrical Engineering in a polytechnic college in your city or anywhere in India after 10th. This is of three years duration. 2. Opt for Science stream after 10th with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics combination. Then appear for the JEE exam - Main and Advanced and  join the Degree course in Electricla Engineering. This is of four years duration. 3. If you join Diploma in Electrical Engineering after 10th, you can then join the degree course in elec

Dear Aspirant, BE Electrical is a good qualification to begin your career in electrical and industrial manufacturing industry. Electrical Engineering is one of the basic requirements for any industry type and therefore jobs are definitely there in the market. Ambition to earn highest payable job is good for ears, however to get that actually in hand you will have to earn a sizable work experience. Therefore, I would suggest that after graduation in electrical engineering, and when you reach your final year of engineering, you should focus on placement and get into job. Studying further is an o

Dear Aspirant, Hope you are a real diploma engineer in terms of your knowledge and study. Have you given any interviews but failed to clear them? Completing graduation is highly recommended. Why are you not willing to complete degree in engineering? I feel if you are required to work and not do your degree, do skill development courses under NSDC. Best wishes

HI,   Rather than environmental please opt for renewable energy system which is suitable to your specialization and more demand in present market..    Best Wishes Sridevi