Electrical Engineer - Career Queries

Hi Jayashree, I would recommend you to start your career as a teaching assistant/Lab incharge of Electrical branch in any nearby Engineering College. Along with this, also enrol yourself for your M.Tech.. Once you have M.Tech. in Electrical, the college can offer you an Assistant Professor position to start with. Then go for Ph.D. and have some inclination towards Research. If you follow my advise mentioned above, in next 4 years, your career would be on track and the best part would be the Work Life Balance which you desire. Best wishes, Kirti 

A lot of queries are emerging from the technical students mainly from diploma background and ITI background, that how can they be recruited in the banking sector or any other government organization as electric technicians or similar. Since the diploma holders are the one who has not proper recognition in the formal sector, so a lot of misunderstandings are common regarding this. We all know that either the railways or the banking sector, cannot work without the maintenance of the electric system since it forms the basis of day to day functions of such organizations. In this article, I’l

Dear Aspirant, Below are some of the options: 1. ME / MTech in Electrical Engineering 2. Project Management  3. IT short term courses like MCSE, CCNA Best wishes