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please tell  Me again friends

Hello, thanks for writing to us counsellors. Having interest in Biology alone will not help you [to lead a career in science stream][1]. Biology too includes Chemistry and you will realise this later when you go into degree level. For example, when you study body reactions, you will have to study more on chemistry, bio chemistry and bio-organic chemistry. So discarding chemistry will not help you to get into a Science career in future. Even for Biology sake, if you choose to study Nutrition and Dietics course at BA/ BSc level, it does bring in some amount of chemistry into this degree. So I wo

As per my suggestions, you can prepare for NABARD Grade-A Exam 2021. I have discussed bellow all the eligibility of NABARD Grade A.Age Limit: Candidates age should be in between 21 to 30 years as on 01-03-2018.Educational Qualification:1. Candidates should possess Bachelor’s Degree in any subject from a recognized University with a minimum of 50% marks (SC/ ST/ PWD applicants 45%) in aggregate or2. Post Graduation Degree with a minimum of 50% marks (SC/ ST/ PWD applicants 45%) in aggregate or Ph.D for S.No-a, Bachelor’s Degree with Economics with 50% marks (SC/ ST/ PWD appl

Dear Friend     Thank you very much for contacting CareerGuide.com. It is good to know that you are a biotechnology graduate and looking for the best suitable academic program at master level. Hereby I will catagorically mentio the different possible degree prgram at master level including the names of some prestigious university and institutions in India. 1. : It will be a natural option being a biotech graduate there is no problem in taking MS Biotechnology, though I am not clear whether you are btech or bsc so please think accordingly about M.Sc or There are several universi

Hello dear student...Welcome to Careerguide.com!!! Thank you for coming to CareerGuide.com and asking us your query to us, it is always our pleasure to help and guide you the best possible way as we could. Coming to the answer of your query I am telling you a apt answer for the question, when you came across a question like why you did physics and changed to MBA, than you can say that I was interested in physics but I too want to work in corporate and choosing either of the one, I chose MBa which will help me secure my future as well as good job opportunities are there in working in corporat

To become a doctor you must have the science stream in your senior secondary. student who have passed biology as a additional subject can appear in the NEET Exam to become a doctor. As you are from the commerce, you must continue something in that field only. This filed is very vast. There are multiple course and career option you can go with for the better future. This is true that after class 12th actual commerce study starts. Here many options opens up for you.The three common professional courses:- Chartered Accountancy (C.A.) - It has 3 levels (CPT, Intermediate and Final level) Institut

HelloWelcome to Careerguide.com!!! Table Contents 1.  BZC degree; Course Details 2.  FUTURE IN BSC BZC DEGREE 3.  B.Sc Botany 4.  B.Sc Zoology IN Bzc degree 5.  BSC CHEMISTRY ( BZC DEGREE) 6.  TOP COMPANIES WHO HIRE AFTER BZC degree; Course Details A bachelor's degree in science including Chemistry, Biology, and Zoology as major topics is known as a BSc BZC. The BSc BZC is a three-year undergraduate degree that may only be pursued after passing an approved 10+2 examination.The BZC degree programme focuses on gaining a t

Many thanks for the valuable insight you provide. I am hoping that you will continue to provide as many wonderful postings as you have in the past.   Heardle

While it's not necessary to do an internship as part of your degree requirements, it's highly recommended as it can help you build your resume and gain bitlife practical experience. Many employers prefer to hire candidates who have previous internship experience, as it demonstrates that they have real-world experience in the field.  

In my opinion,  top 10 colleges for Journalism in the world: 1. Northwestern University 2. University of Missouri | Mizzou  3. Boston University | BU 4. University of Florida    bloxorz 5. New York University | NYU 6. University of Texas at Austin | UT Austin 7. Arizona State University | ASU 8. American University 9. Emerson College  10. Ohio State University | OSU

Your attitude about life can be greatly altered by the way you incorporate excitement and accountability into your workfnf 

Depending on your subjects in BSc, you can pursue different job opportunities like that of a Research Scientist, Clinical Research Specialist, Lab Technician, Assistant Professor/Lecturer, Biotechnologist, Journalism, Law, and more. Some top companies like Google, IBM, Yahoo, Amazon, and Wipro hire BSc graduates depending on their specialization. duck life    

Hello Thank you for contacting counsellors at CareerGuide.com . I am happy to help you today with your question regarding further study options in Medical field. I see that you are currently a BSc Medical student. Can you say the full name of the BSc degree program that you are currently studying? You only said BSc Medical but I am not sure if it is a technology based or laboratory practice based. Because there are courses like BSc Medical technology and BSc Laboratory technology and they have different further education or career path. I am not sure what is your current subject so I can guide

Professional courses after 12th for Bio Maths students Best Courses after 12th bio maths : Biomaths Bio Maths are the finest combo because they open up a wide range of education options, from medicine to engineering. After 12 biomaths You can look for Giving JEE mains and jee advance and you will have various courses If you want to study Engineering Field After Bio Maths Table Contents 1.         About Bio Maths 2.         Engineering Field 3.          Top IIT and Nit

You can opt for these four streams Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce & Arts. If you can also join ITI Diploma courses after 10th. To know more about job opportunities, salaries, organizations, and their eligibility in the government. You can explore Latest Govt Jobs in India 2022

How To Become a Software Engineer After 12th   The process to how to become a software engineer after 12th is different for different streams of students. If you are a 12th class student and searching for How to Become a Software Engineer after 12 then you have to follow some steps according to your stream. There are Basically 3 types of streams in 12th i.e Science, Commerce, and Arts. There is a different procedure for different kinds of streams. The process is given below.  Table Contents 1.     Different streams entry and Requirement 2. &nbs

Pursuing a degree and want to change area of study Hi, it's really good to hear that you are looking forward to such important decisions in the third year itself. It's not important that what others are suggesting you, do whatever you feel like doing, and its important to have passion in what you work, what really interests you, rather what attracts the majority of people, so if you have an interest in networking, go for it!!   Pursuing a degree and want to change area of study What is Networking ? Networking is the informal social exchange of information and ideas among people who

Aviation is an exciting industry, with a lot of different opportunities to pursue a career in a lot of different fields. F For a commerce student who loves planes and wants to become a pilot, it requires a lot of effort and there are a lot of fields that you need to choose from. This answer will help you to gain knowledge about how a commerce student who loves planes can become a pilot. Welcome to Careerguide.com!!! Table Contents 1.  How can a Commerce Student Become a Pilot 2.  How to Become Pilot 3.  Exam to Become Pilot 4.  Private Pilot License (PPL) exams: 5.&nbs

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University Central Office + 91 294 2493493 Address: HQV4+352, Pratap Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001, India Hope it's helpful for you. happy wheels